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While big fish angling with heavy rigs extremely powerful rods have to be used. Blanks of these rods, with much thicker walls, are designed to withstand extreme loading. We recommend POWER PILK rods for cod and other deep sea fish angling. These go in two versions: rods for reels with fixed spool and rods with seats to be used with multipliers. We also recommend CAT FISH rods for catfish fishing and, optionally, for the largest sea fish - halibuts that live in waters of Norway. Attention – POWER PILK and CAT FISH rods have bottom end of handle adjusted to be used with gimbleholder.

ArticleCodeLengthTransport lengthNumber of sectionsCasting weightWeight
Eternum Power PilkWJ-ETP2401802.40m125cm280-180g366g
Eternum Power PilkWJ-ETP2402802.40m125cm2100-280g375g
Eternum Power PilkWJ-ETP2701802.70m142cm280-180g376g
Eternum Power PilkWJ-ETP2702802.70m142cm2100-280g377g
Eternum Power Pilk BTCWJ-ETR2701802.70m142cm280-180g381g
Eternum Power Pilk BTCWJ-ETR2702802.70m142cm2100-280g392g
Eternum Cat FishWJ-ETC285H2.85m149cm2ex.heavy431g
Eternum Cat FishWJ-ETC315H3.15m162cm2ex.heavy495g

Novelty in 2009 offer! Broad collection of rod manufactured with carbon C24T and C30T carbon fibre. Tidy, attractive design. Above standard level finish of every element of a rod. Fitted with SIC-TS rings. The offer includes wide choice of rods for most of fishing methods popular in Poland.